18. Trade & Business Associations

Topsham Business Forum
The Forum aims to increase the town's overall business prosperity whilst developing the assets of the community and maintaining the charm and history of Topsham.
The TBF will endeavour to support the wider Topsham community and its clubs, associations and societies. Task teams will be created to facilitate this support.
Currently the TBF has produced a Business Directory and its own website which provides useful information on the businesses in Topsham.
Ongoing development will mean that all businesses operating in the postcode area EX3 will be listed and maintained on the website.
User-friendly communication links will be set up by e-mail and the website to ensure that all are kept informed on key issues.
Contact: Alan Wills c/o Remedies Laser Skin and Health Clinic
30 High Street, Topsham Tel: 01392 685030
e-mail: alan@remedies.eclipse.co.uk


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