2. Annual Events

Topsham Town Fayre
The Town Fayre is a week of events and activities held in August, ending on a Saturday night with the Carnival procession.
This is organised by a committee of volunteers that meets once a month.
Contact: Mrs. Veronica Coe. Tel: 01392 876865

The Annual Flower and Vegetable Show
See Topsham Allotments and Gardens, section 8

Art Exhibition
See Topsham Art Group, section 3

Bonfire Night
This is held at the Rugby Club on 5 November with a spectacular bonfire and fireworks to match. The bar is open and food available.
There is a charge for admission.

Christmas Lights
Community supporters and volunteers organise the Christmas lights along the main streets and the Topsham Business Forum provide additional support for the 'switch on' ceremony. Look for posters and further information in November.

Topsham to Turf Lock Swim
Mike Stevens, the ferryman, started this as a fund-raising activity for the Estuary League of Friends. He and other volunteers swim from the ferry jetty down river to the Turf Hotel and good swimmers can join in too. The swim is now becoming established as an annual event held in September. Look for local posters and in Estuary magazine for details.

Summer Youth Activities
See Youth Activities, section 22


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