5. Community Groups

Topsham Community Association
The association promotes the well-being of the inhabitants of Topsham by assisting the local authorities and voluntary organisations in the fields of education, leisure and social welfare.
The association also manages Matthews Hall and promotes the Summer Youth Activities, the Topsham Community Plan and other community projects. Meetings are held bi-monthly in Matthews Hall and frequently include guest speakers on matters of interest or concern to the community. All residents are members and are welcome to these meetings.
Contact: Sue Wilkinson. Tel: 01392 879107
e-mail: gcg.wilkinson@btinternet.com
Website: Topsham Community Association page

The Topsham Society
The society is concerned with the fabric of Topsham and the way in which the physical environment is both preserved and developed. There are committee meetings four times a year, open lectures four times a year and an A.G.M. Membership is open to all and non-members are welcome at the open lectures.
Contact: Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbick. Tel: 01392 877526
e-mail: dandehubbick@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.topshamsociety.co.uk/

The community car club for Topsham and Exeter
Co-cars is a not-for-profit car club which actively promotes sustainable transport.
Enjoy being able to use any of the club cars without the cost and worry of owning and maintaining them.
Dedicated parking space at Topsham Library and four locations within the city
Contact: Tel: 0845 345 2544
e-mail: drive@co-cars.co.uk
Website: http://www.co-cars.co.uk/

Tidy Exeter Group (Topsham)
A group of environmental campaigners working with the support of the Cleansing Department of Exeter City Council.
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month (except August and December) at 6.00 pm in the Council offices in Paris Street, Exeter.
Local activities include an annual ‘litter pick’ of the reed beds bordering the recreation ground.
Contact: Daphne Burdick.
Tel: 01392 877296
e-mail: tidyexetergroup@lycos.co.uk

Topsham Museum Society
Topsham museum celebrates the story of Topsham and the estuary through a varied display of local history, local crafts and Vivien Leigh memorabilia. The new River Gallery houses historic local boats focusing on the history of the Exe estuary. There are lunchtime lectures during the summer months.
The museum is run entirely by volunteers and if you are interested in helping then please contact the museum.
Opening times: from Easter until the end of October, from 2.00 pm to
5.00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with afternoon teas available.
Entry is free and there is access for the disabled.
Contact: Myra Green Tel: 01392 873244
e-mail: museum@topsham.org
Website: www.devonmuseums.net/topsham


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